Building Confidence Using Roofing Project Management Tools

Fighting for survival managing your office? Is your messy desk just one spilled coffee cup away from destroying your day? We get it. Wrangling the chaos of a roofing business isn’t for the faint of heart.

Move out of the survival mindset to a thriving, well organized office with our upcoming webinar.

Transform the Daily Grind of Managing Your Office with Project Management Tools

Streamline the tools you already use to effortlessly manage multiple projects in this 60-minute webinar with Katy Pusch, VP of Product at Leap.

Save your seat and join other office managers in the roofing industry streamlining their processes. Find out what tools your peers are using, learn how the Leap Platform and its integrations help you connect the dots in your day-to-day workflow.... and save your poor desk.

If you’re looking to switch your CRM or looking for new project management tools to enhance your business, this is the webinar for you!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to streamline communications and timelines across your team and with customers.
  • Break up with handwritten estimates and extra paperwork for good.
  • How to connect your workflow to tools you already use with Leap’s integrations.


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Katy Pusch, Vice President of Product

Katy is the VP of Product at Leap, delivering software for home improvement contractors to improve their sales and operational processes. Katy has spent more than a decade helping businesses improve their operations and increase revenue through software product management. When she’s not working with her team to deliver top solutions, Katy enjoys spending time with her husband, flying, and walking her dogs.


Aug 29th
2:00 PM EST
1 Hour